Principal’s Message



Education is not mere acquisition of knowledge and it has been differently defined by people but the one I like most is “Education is a process which brings about a positive change in one’s life”.
Getting degrees, Awarding Diplomas and Certificates should not be the only aim of an organization.
I mean to say that in our Organization not only we provide the best education, imparted by sincere and devoted teachers, but we also provide Guidance & Counseling.
Our institute took its start a decade ago, and due to the sincere efforts of our management and advisory board made it possible to reach the heights of glory. The students of CAPITAL DEGREE COLLEGE have been able to get hold of high Offices in different reputed organizations.
Moreover, having such inspirations our students have the honor of getting 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions at Board and University level in all KPK.
It is my earnest and humblest desire to make “CAPITAL DEGREE COLLEGE” a galaxy and the students of this college the SHINING STARS who will avail the opportunities and prepare themselves to meet the challenges of the new era.
Inshah Allah
Dr. Fayyaz shah
Ph.D English