Chairman Peshawar Board



Chairman Peshawar Board

It is a universally recognized fact that education is a key factor in the overall development of an individual. Besides public sector colleges, private colleges are an inevitable reality and one cannot ignore their role in nurturing creative individuals. The role of a college is to diligently perform the duty of imparting high quality education while at the same time maintaining strong links with  the society.

Stress in the high quality education is of the essence because the battle of life cannot be won with the cheap degrees which are like wooden armour. There are no shortcuts to success. We have to develop high standards on ethical, social, economic and scientific front. Such developments do not take place spontaneously; these demand hardwork, discipline, dedication and commitment. I hope that the Capital Degree College is taking all measures to inculcate these values in the students. 

I wish Capital Degree College a great success.

Prof. Dr. Fazlur Rahman
BISE Peshawar